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Eventrim – High-quality expertise and content in events

Eventrim provides high-quality expertise and content in executive seminars, conferences and in corporate events. We help you to build and implement successfully seminars and event projects and we provide keynote speakers for your needs. With passion and with over 27 years of event management experience.

Eventrim is an official partner and cooperates with London Speaker Bureau. London Speaker Bureau is a global resource for corporations and governments, providing keynote speakers, executive learning masterclasses and boardroom advisers.

Eventrim’s approach is based on deep understanding of client needs and challenges. Our objective is always to create events that will offer new insights, in-depth knowledge and emotional experiences for your target audiences to support your business. Eventrim helps your organisation to build memorable events & to stand out in the marketplace.

Eventrim Ltd. has been founded in 2017.


• Implementing and managing executive seminars and event projects for corporates and organisations
• Public business conferences and seminars & project management
• Inhouse seminars and events for corporate management and personnel
• High quality invitational & cultural events from classical music concerts to art exhibition events
• Creating and developing partnerships in business seminars and events
• Utilizing and activating sponsorships
• Event marketing consulting and streamlining event marketing strategies

Eventrim cooperates intensively with its partner network. We have a wide partner network who can provide all the other relevant event services from event and technical equipment and creative services to a professional photographer.

Keynote speakers and London Speaker Bureau

Eventrim creates content and can provide international keynote speakers and advisors for all kind of events from London Speaker Bureau’s network. We can also provide London Speaker Bureau’s Executive Learning –masterclasses and boardroom advisers for corporates and governments.

The London Speaker Bureau Corporate Presentation

Kimmo Niku

Eventrim’s CEO and founder Kimmo Niku is very experienced and result-oriented event management and marketing professional. He has implemented and managed more than 350 event projects including business seminars, guru events with world’s leading business thinkers, invitational events for top management, cultural events and music concerts, corporate anniversary event projects and pan-Nordic conferences. Kimmo has a passion for events. He has 26 years’ experience from event management & marketing and has earlier worked as Director, Events & Partnerships and Marketing Director for KPMG Finland.



Contact information

Kimmo Niku, CEO & Founder, Eventrim Oy
Nuottamiehentie 2 B, 02230 Espoo, Finland
Tel +358-40-7339829